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I am now free of PCOS and am 14 weeks pregnant!

I started working with Hayley after years of unbalanced hormones and a diagnosis of PCOS, which was a result of poor nutrition, undereating and overexercising. Hayley was incredible - she explained everything I needed to do so clearly and gave me an amazing supplement plan. After just 3 sessions, I am now free of PCOS and am 14 weeks pregnant! I couldn't have done any of this without Hayley - she is the loveliest lady and has completely changed my life.


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I can now say I no longer dread my periods!

I got in touch with Hayley after years of painful and irregular periods. I was also really struggling with poor energy levels which was affecting my job, and also issues with my weight. Hayley’s programme was completely tailored to the areas I needed support in and together, we worked on optimising my gut health and balancing my hormones. I’ve seen such positive changes since working with Hayley – my periods are much more regular and I’ve noticed a huge difference with the reduction of pain! I can now say that I no longer dread my periods, I have a much better understanding of nutrition and how best to look after myself (and my hormones!). Thank you Hayley!


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My bloating reduced to almost hardly ever!

I had previously been on the pill for 10 years and first got in touch with Hayley as my periods hadn’t returned after coming off. I was also having crazy bloating and just felt like something was ‘off’. In just a short space of time working with Hayley, my bloating reduced to almost hardly ever. Hayley helped me to uncover what my personal triggers were so if it ever happens now (which is a very irregular occurrence!), then I can pinpoint why. I am also thrilled that my period has also returned! The online portal whereby I could contact Hayley whenever I felt needed in between sessions was also really helpful. What’s more, my sleep has improved and I generally feel much happier and more comfortable in my body. Thanks to Hayley, for helping me to introduce good and long-lasting habits into my life.



I've noticed a huge improvement to my anxiety levels!

I first reached out to Hayley as I’d been struggling with anxiety for a while and didn’t tend to cope with high levels of stress very well. Hayley was brilliant in guiding me with some small dietary changes that addressed both of these issues and she also gave me some recommendations for natural supplements. I had also been on the contraceptive pill for 10 years before seeing Hayley. I was really looking at coming off the pill but wasn’t sure if I would have any unwanted side effects. Hayley was great at talking me through some small practical steps that I could take to come off the pill, without any side effects. As a result, I’ve noticed a HUGE difference to my anxiety levels, my periods are now regular (and are pain-free!) and I feel as though my resilience to stress has greatly improved. I’m also pleased to say I’m now completely off the contraceptive pill, and as a result feel a lot healthier and happier too!


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My skin is now much clear and my anxiety has settled a lot!


Before I started working with Hayley, my hormones were all over the place! I also suffered from bad acne, anxiety and had been previously diagnosed with PCOS. Hayley’s programme covered so much more than eating a balanced diet but also how to support stress, keep my blood sugar levels stable and improve my sleep. I also wanted to transition in coming off the pill and Hayley supported me on how to do this safely too. Since working with Hayley, I’ve noticed a big difference in my skin which is much clearer. My anxiety has also settled a lot, my mood has improved and generally I feel great and much more confident in myself!



For the first time in a while, I feel in control of myself.


I was really struggling with PMS and weight gain so sought Hayley’s help to combat both of these but also to gain more knowledge around my cycle and understand my body more in particularly coming off the contraceptive pill. Following Hayley’s recommendations, I am feeling much less bloated and more lean as the weeks pass, even still enjoying the occasional pizza and wine! For the first time in a while, I feel in control of myself and was thrilled to actually receive some personalised guidance as opposed to wading through the contradicting advice on the internet. It may sound silly, but being able to skip the '0% fat' products and go straight to the full fat after so many years of being on a 'diet' has been pretty sweet too!


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Before I met Hayley, I had been suffering from PMT since the birth of my son, 7 years before. Extremely painful periods, lack of good sleep, extreme mood swings which made me either very emotional or really angry. All this was damaging to my quality of life and that of my family. Hayley was great at explaining to me how hormones, diet and nutrition can play a massive part in monthly cycle problems. I had tests to see what my hormone levels were, and then we worked together to get these levels back to where they should be through healthy diet, supplements and ideas to relieve stress. Through making diet changes and taking supplements, I have really started to feel much better. My mood swings are much improved and my painful periods are less. I also get much better sleep, which really helps to get you off to a good start each day. Hayley has helped me to understand what triggers certain stressful situations in my life, and how different foods, etc affect me and my cycle. I now feel I have the tools and information to work towards getting rid of these issues for good. Working with Hayley has been the best thing I have done for my quality of life and that of my family. She has really helped me to understand why I was having these issues and what I needed to do to change. She is brilliant, very kind and understanding with a really broad knowledge on how to help women who suffer with hormonal issues.



Working with Hayley has been amazing!


I’d been experiencing painful and irregular periods for a while (every 40-50 days!) and also recurring facial boils. Hayley advised that I make just a few small tweaks to my diet that included eating more of certain types of foods more regularly, as well a couple of high quality supplements. Hayley really helped me to understand my hormonal cycle and within just a few short months, my periods started to become more regular, less painful and I also noticed a huge reduction in the boils on my face. Now, my periods are much more manageable and I’ve also noticed a reduction in my PMS symptoms. Working with Hayley has been amazing! Thanks to Hayley, I’ve been able to reclaim my hormonal health and my life.



I'm learning it is okay to rest and I don't always need to go 100mph in life.


Before I started working with Hayley, I was really struggling with a number of hormonal and life imbalances. I had recently been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and PCOS and I was finding it really difficult to manage my symptoms. My periods had been so irregular and I truly felt out of sync with my body. Hayley kindly supported me to find the root cause of my hormonal imbalances and introduced me to a health improvement plan. This also included some lifestyle changes as it is much more than just the food you consume. Within the space of a couple of months, my symptoms had improved significantly- my periods have regulated & my brain fog has lifted. I’m learning that it is okay to rest and I don’t always need to go 100mph in life.  Instead of battling my body, I’m learning to listen to myself and how I feel so much more. Hayley’s approachable and friendly nature provided me with much more knowledge and support than I ever could have hoped for - I can’t thank Hayley enough!


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My cycle is no longer running my life!


For as long as I can remember, I have suffered with very painful and heavy periods. More recently, I had been experiencing severe PMS – which included anxiety and low mood. My periods were also 20-22 days long, and I suffered pain around both ovulation and leading up to, during and after my period. In fact, there were only 1-2 days throughout my entire cycle where I felt ‘normal’!  My anxiety had gotten so bad (especially the week or two before my period) that I was even told by my doctor to try anti-depressants. However, I knew deep down that my issues were hormonal. After Hayley’s recommendations, I did a DUTCH test to find out the root cause of my problems. After getting the results, Hayley advised me on some changes and additions to my diet as well as supplements to help correct my hormone imbalance that addressed the root cause of my PMS, hormonal acne and periods that had run my life for so long. In just a matter of months with Hayley’s amazing work and knowledge, things completely changed. I am now feeling better than I have in such a long time and I feel like my cycle is no longer running my life! Hayley - you are absolutely amazing, professional, passionate and I am forever grateful for your help. Thank you so much.


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My period had gone missing after stopping the pill and I was really struggling with acne. Hayley taught me the main steps to help get my period back which included working on my diet to include certain nutrients important for hormonal heath, eating enough calories to fuel my body and stress management. Hayley also gave me a personalised supplement plan to help facilitate this process. I was over the moon when I finally got my first period about 3 months after working with Hayley and generally am feeling much better within myself.  Not having a period massively affected my stress levels so working with Hayley and having her help really improved this. Hayley also helped me make lifestyle changes I had been trying to do for years!


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I first reached out to Hayley as I was struggling with a rosacea but I was also keen to know how to increase my fertility levels. Hayley really helped me to learn how to balance my diet to ensure I was getting more of the foods that would help my skin condition. As a result, I became much more aware of what I was eating and the importance of this to help my sleep, well-being, overall health and more specifically to support to conditions I was talking to Hayley about. I’m also pleased to say I’m expecting my first baby!


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I contacted Hayley as I was struggling with a variety of postnatal issues as well as IBS. After a gut test uncovered a number of issues with my digestion, Hayley educated me on the different ways I could improve my gut health and optimise my nutrient levels. We also worked on improving my resilience to stress. After a few months of working with Hayley, I noticed a real improvement to my energy, improvement in cognitive function, better skin and a reduction in my unwanted digestive problems. I was genuinely considering leaving my profession as I couldn’t think properly and was so tired and anxious all the time. Thankfully I don’t have to take such drastic action!


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I sought help from Hayley for a number of health issues. My periods had become really irregular after coming off the pill and I was also struggling with low immunity and recurrent eye infections. I followed Hayley’s suggested programme to help naturally balance my hormones and support my immune system which included a few simple diet & lifestyle changes. As a result, I’ve not experienced anymore eye infections since seeing Hayley and my periods became more normal and consistent. I’m also pleased to say that I am now 28 weeks pregnant and really think having nutritional support during the last year has been a crucial factor in this successful outcome. Thank you Hayley!


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Before I started working with Hayley, I really struggled with bouts of IBS and poor digestive health. Together, we created a plan that suited my lifestyle which included foods that contained some key vitamins and minerals that I had no idea that I was lacking. The changes Hayley recommended were so simple and easy to follow – even something as simple as hot water and lemon in the morning! Since working with Hayley, my bowel movements have become more frequent and my IBS episodes are now few and far between. I also feel healthier, more energised and not so worried about the IBS returning. Hayley is my go-to digestion expert!


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Hayley has been amazing and helped me overcome a range of issues. Symptoms which I thought were just part of life, and there to be put up with, have been controlled thanks to Hayley educating me and guiding me on how to fuel and nourish my body properly to maintain an active lifestyle, both physically and mentally. I cannot recommend Hayley highly enough, and even if you don't think you need to see a nutritionist, it's amazing how great you can feel just by educating yourself and making a few minor adjustments to your nutrition.


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Hayley really taught me to care for my body and address the root cause of my bloating and weight gain. Surprisingly, stress was the main culprit as opposed to what I was eating which was really eye-opening. Hayley worked with me to suggest tools, supplements and a dietary plan to help alleviate the symptoms. The programme has definitely given me a much better insight into how to manage my stress levels and eating the right foods to help alleviate bloating. I now have a much better understanding of how your body and have noticed a real positive difference to my symptoms. Thanks again Hayley!


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I haven't had a migraine since working with Hayley!

After a long period of struggling with migraines and IBS, Hayley was able to pinpoint exactly what was wrong and helped me to implement a diet and supplement programme to address the root cause of my symptoms. The functional tests I did were also really insightful. Hayley was extremely easy to talk to and I really felt like she really listened to me! Hayley didn’t waste my time or money and the changes that she helped me make have greatly improved my quality of life. I NEVER thought I’d be able to feel this energetic and good in a very long time. My sleep is better and I no longer wake up feeling sluggish and the fact that I haven’t had a migraine since working with Hayley is enough to thank her for. A huge thanks to Hayley for everything!


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I was looking for a way to manage my PCOS symptoms without the use of hormonal contraception, as every type I had tried negatively impacted my mood or exacerbated some of my PCOS symptoms. My most recurring and problematic symptoms were acne, irregular periods, fatigue and bloating. We conducted in depth hormonal tests to understand my hormonal balances and, from those results, Hayley developed a plan to help balance my hormones. The plan includes recommendations on items to include in my diet, lifestyle alterations and supplements to target my imbalances. By the end of my sessions with Hayley (around 6 months) I had seen a drastic improvement in my acne, instead of dealing with new breakouts daily, I now only tend to get them in the week leading up to my period and they are much more manageable. I also found that my energy levels had increased, which made a big difference to how I was feeling day to day and meant I was able to incorporate more of the lifestyle suggestions into my routine! I feel so much better in myself and my symptoms have greatly reduced. The improvement in my acne has given me more confidence and the increase in my energy levels has made such a difference to everyday life. In addition, after years of feeling frustrated with the treatments suggested by medical professionals (i.e. antibiotics and hormonal contraception) and the lack of improvement in my symptoms, it was so helpful to speak with someone that not only understood my condition but who took my symptoms, and their impact on my day-to-day life, seriously. Working with Hayley has taught me a lot about my body, my cycle and my PCOS, and I feel a lot more confident in myself and my ability to discuss it with my GP/Consultant.


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Before I started working with Hayley, I was really struggling with stomach cramps, bloating and lots of digestive discomfort. I also found myself eating the same types of foods and knew I needed more variety, but had no idea where to start! A gut test that Hayley recommended revealed some key areas to work on and within a matter of months, my stomach pain was completely gone and I felt much more confident in how to eat more of a balanced and varied diet. As a result, I feel much more in control of my body. Hayley has helped revitalise my relationship with food and cooking. I also don't have to feel anxious anymore that whatever I eat will cause me pain and can’t thank Hayley enough.

I have helped many women to balance their hormones and providing them with the support and knowledge I wish I had known in my 20’s. It’s my mission to empower women to take control of their own health and help bring their own hormones back into balance, so they can reach their full potential and they too, can start feeling at home in their bodies again.

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