Workplace Wellbeing

Looking to bring health & wellness

into your workplace?


Are you looking to boost employee morale, productivity or performance? Long-term sickness caused by work-related stress costs UK employers £18 billion a year, which would reduce significantly if employees adopted a healthy diet and lifestyle! This is why I LOVE working with corporate clients and sharing my knowledge as a Registered Nutritionist and running 1-to-1 consultations, corporate seminars and lunch and learn workshops.

I partner with businesses to support women in the workplace through corporate wellness programmes so women can create a life they love and reach their full potential. I offer bespoke corporate seminars to help educate your employees on how changing their diet can improve their everyday life. 

Popular sessions include:

  • Women in Business: Wellness in the Workplace for Women

  • How to Improve Productivity and Performance through Optimum Nutrition

  • Food for the Mind: How to Improve your Concentration and Energy

  • Increase your Resilience to Stress

Tailored sessions available upon request*

Some of my previous clients include:

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